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» » Andreana Pavlova, ANDIP 92: Bulgarian Poultry Farming is Becoming Ever More Modern

Andreana Pavlova, ANDIP 92: Bulgarian Poultry Farming is Becoming Ever More Modern

Andreana Pavlova, ANDIP 92: Bulgarian Poultry Farming is Becoming Ever More Modern

We meet the highest international standard for food production and this allows us to work with large chains, says Andreana Pavlova to ECONOMY MAGAZINE

Mrs. Pavlova, could you tell us about the history of your company? How did you decide to start producing eggs?

- Our company has many years of experience in egg production. We have been on the market for 21 years and we follow a well-established family tradition. The decision to start this type of activity arises from the idea of creating a quality and affordable Bulgarian product. The egg is an important food component in the menu of the Bulgarian, and not only. It seems to me that with the years in which the food culture of the Bulgarians underwent a significant transformation and evolution, the egg became even more important.

- What do you think are the main challenges that the industry is facing?

- Every branch and business faces difficulties and challenges. The specificity of our industry is dictated by the fact that the basis of production is a living commodity. This is definitely the biggest and most serious challenge. Another important factor is the great competition, which does not allow lagging behind the emerging trend.

- Are there good conditions in Bulgaria for carrying out this activity?

- There are definitely good conditions for carrying out this activity. The favourable conditions in our country for growing crops allow us to work entirely with Bulgarian raw materials. And the basis of a good quality egg is the quality raw material, respectively the quality fodder. It is because of our desire to create an even better product that in 2013 we focused our efforts on developing an enriched egg formula.

- Could you tell us more about the enriched formula?

- The technology was developed in aviary breeding of laying hens, or as it is better known - floor rearing. Proper nutrition is fundamental for achieving good health status of the birds, as well as for the production of a quality product. Guided by the idea of an even better product, we came to the concept of three types of formulas of enriched eggs - eggs enriched with selenium, selenium and vitamin E, as well as selenium and Omega 3. Enrichment occurs naturally through the process of feeding chickens and by the accumulation of these elements in their body. Over the years, we have received more and more positive feedback about this enriched product of ours, and this encourages us to continue working towards development in this direction, as well as holds us responsible to meet the already high expectations.

- Is Bulgarian poultry farming being modernized? In your company, do you apply, for example, European practices, norms, in addition to the mandatory ones, which you obviously comply with?

- Bulgarian poultry farming is moving at an ever-increasing pace towards modernization. From a technological point of view, the aviary breeding of laying hens is already found in more and more Bulgarian farms. The Bulgarian manufacturer is increasingly focusing on more efficient and high-tech machines. I would say that part of the modernization is to meet different levels of quality standards. In our company, in addition to the mandatory European standards for humane poultry farming, the company meets the highest international standard for food production IFS. It allows modernization of production, thanks to its effective practices, as well as the maximum achievement of good results, improvement of work processes and most importantly - gives an assessment of product quality. On the other hand, the annual renewal of this certificate keeps you in shape, because you know that on international level the control is uncompromising in terms of compliance with standards, and this makes you do your best, constantly make improvements and seek new solutions.

- Do you think that Bulgarian producers interact well with foreign chains in Bulgaria?

- It is precisely this process of modernization that allows more Bulgarian producers to enter international chains. However, in order to achieve this interaction, it is necessary to cover all the above-mentioned factors. The conditions for working with this type of clients are fully oriented to the highest quality product, created in a high-tech process, which is certified by international certification by international auditors. As a Bulgarian manufacturer working with foreign chains, I would say that covering all the conditions for working with them is not easy, but thanks to this we are on the path of modernization and follow the European trends.

- Finally, what gives you real satisfaction you in your business?

- A lot of things. Any optimization, modernization, leading to the improvement of our production process, of course. But sometimes the small things. For example, to hear feedback from a stranger who tells you that he buys from your eggs because they are delicious to them. And last but not least, to know that a nutritious food product reaches the Bulgarian consumer.