KRIB - Тhe Voice of the Bulgarian Business


KRIB is “the Voice of the Bulgarian Business” that:

  • produces three quarters of the country's GDP;
  • provides jobs to over 900 000 people;
  • unites over 12 000 companies, which are members through individual or collective membership, among them the biggest companies in Bulgaria;
  • accounts for more than three quarters of the exports of Bulgaria.


KRIB has a mission:

  • to raise the competitiveness of the Bulgarian economy and the companies operating in Bulgaria;
  • to be most effective in the process of improving the business climate in the country;
  • to assist its members in sharing best business practices, benefiting from the EU membership, going regional and global;
  • to encourage the corporate social responsibility best practices of its members.


KRIB is an active partner in the social dialogue:

  • has representatives in the social dialog on national, sectoral, regional and European level;
  • presents opinions on draft laws in the Bulgarian Parliament;
  • is a member of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation and its commissions;
  • its Chairman is Deputy-Chairman of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation.

KRIB has strong regional and branch structures:

  • operates 128 regional representations all over the country;
  • unites 80 branch organizations in all economic sectors;
  • has 11 intersectoral committees that coordinate the interests of its members.


KRIB has adopted measures against the economic crisis:

  • helps its members to cope with the global financial and economic crisis;
  • introduced to the attention of the government a complete platform for mitigating and overcoming of the economic crisis as well as a package of measures to boost the “law abiding” economy;
  • designed a socio-economic platform and a vision for the development of Bulgaria within the present election cycle "Project 2018: Allied in the Crisis, Strong in the Success!”.

KRIB works with the EU funds:

  • assists the business to work effectively with the European funds;
  • participates with own representatives in the Monitoring committees of all Operative programs.


KRIB formulates policies for the labour market:

  • drafts particular policies for overcoming the lack of qualified labour force and creating conditions for a developed, flexible, deregulated labour market;
  • prepares together with the World Bank and the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy analyses and recommendations for increasing the employment, boosting flexsecurity of the labour market and the quality of human resources.


KRIB Court of Arbitration:

  • is effective and reliable alternative in the resolution of commercial disputes;
  • provides the opportunity to resolve disputes outside the system of the state courts, which ensures equality of the parties, promptness, efficiency and predictability.


KRIB acts internationally:

  • member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) as a founder of the Bulgarian National Committee of ICC;
  • supports the Bulgarian business abroad.


KRIB incorporates foreign businesses:

  • collective members of KRIB are bilateral chambers such as the German-Bulgarian Industrial Chamber (DBIHK), the Bulgarian Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Confindustria Bulgaria, the Italian Chamber of Commerce;
  • the American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the British-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce are main partners of KRIB;
  • partnership with the International Financial Corporation – IFC, of the World Bank Group, and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


KRIB is a democratically managed unity with:

  • rotation of the Managing Board members (about one third of the Board rotates annually);
  • mandate limit of 2+2 years;
  • decentralization on a branch/sectoral and regional principle.

KRIB wins, because it is:

  • politically and financially independent;
  • supported only by the membership fee of its members;
  • managed and controlled solely by its members.